East Hill Newsletter


Annual General Meeting

This year's AGM will be held at St John's Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm on Monday 31st October 2011. We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you on the night.


General Appearance of the Estate

The directors of your Residential Management Company - Navarre Ltd - are concerned about the general appearance of the estate and wish to protect the value of the properties by ensuring it is well managed. We encourage residents to help us to achieve the above by reporting any issues within the common areas that require urgent attention that may arise between the inspection visits to the building by the building manager and by observing some of the points in this newsletter.


Tree Works

The tree lopping of East Hill was scheduled for spring 2011 and is now complete. Bernie Jelfs still attends when necessary. If any resident is still concerned about overhanging branches from trees in communal gardens please contact Bells.


Gardening and Communal Gardens

With the appointment of Your Grounds Care, the overall appearance of the communal gardens has considerably improved since the new contracters have come on board. There are regular teams of staff, cuttings lawns, pruning multching, weeding and

litter picking around the estate. We have carried out planting and new trelis work around the refuse area at the end of Nantes Close to improve the appearance of this area. Several overgrown flowerbed areas have been cleared to improve the appearance. We will be undertaking selective replanting in due course.


Car Parking

We would ask residents to ensure they park considerately on the roads, around the estate and in their allocated bays. Please contact Bells if you require confirmation  of your allocated parking bay.



GOL Cleaners have been doing a very good job, this is primarily  down to Tamara who diligently  cleans all the (managed)  internal  and external  areas  of the estate. Numerous residents and lessees have informed Bells how happy they are with the quality of the current cleaning regime.


Updating of Records

We would also like to remind all flat owners that for any change of correspondence address/contact details please advise immediately on the change date.


Bike Storage in Drying Cupboards

It should be noted that under no circumstances should bikes, prams or any private  items be  stored in any communal area (this includes: stairs, hallways, drying rooms,bin room,etc).All such items must be stored with in your flat.It is against Health and Safety and fire regulations for any items to be stored in any communal areas.




Communal TV Aerials

These will be either, upgraded, replaced or renewed as necessary so as to bring them in line for the provision of the digital signal when analogue is terminated in 2012.


Major Works to East Hill

As per our continuing cyclical redecoration programme, these have now been completed on target and on budget. We would  like to thank all residents for their help and patience. The lease has been re examined and we have concluded that certain provisions were being incorrectly interpreted. The correct reading of the lease confirms that all the flat and maisonette owners  should pay their apportioned contributions for internal or external redecs wherever they might be around the Estate.


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