Wandsworth East Hill Image

East Hill History


The East Hill Estate is a large Estate of 445 flats, maisonette's and houses situated on the St Johns Hill area of Wandsworth. The site is of historical interest as it was here in 1849 - 1851 that  the Fishmonger's Almshouses were built for 42 Alms people together with a chapel, hall and library. Previously the Fishmonger's Almshouses were located in Newington ( North London ) in 1618. A black plaque on the front archway commemorates the site.

On the left of East Hill was Spanish Road which was where  the Victorian "Friendless Boys Home"  stood , which was a type of workhouse for boys between 10 to 16 who did not have a criminal record , who were trained in metalwork, woodwork, looking after horses and using a steam engine, basically preparing the boys to become apprenticed to local businesses when they turned 16 years of age.

In early Victorian times it was said that the air at Wandsworth was the cleanest and freshest air in the whole of the London Area.

In 1923 the site was sold to the London County Council (LCC) who replaced the original Almshouse buildings with blocks of flats, retaining the entrance archway. The LCC Estate was demolished in 1981 when the current Estate was constructed.